U.S. Meeting of RIAS Fellows 1998
San Antonio, September 24 / 25, 1998

Around fifty US Fellows and thirteen visiting German broadcast editors attended the 3rd U.S. Meeting of. RIAS Fellowsand discussed the most important developments in their countries. The visiting German journalists mentioned the general elections as most important event in Germany, followed by European issues and the Russian Crisis. The attending US Fellows considered the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal (and its impact on the US midterm elections in November) the most important story, but also had the economic crisis in Russia and Asia and terrorism very high on their agenda.

The most important stories 1998 listed at the RIAS Fellow Meeting by US journalists:

  1. The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal
  2. Economic crisis (Russia, Asia)
  3. Terrorism
  4. Technological progress
  5. Immigration
  6. US Midterm Election 1998
  7. Health Care

… and by German journalists:

  1. Bundestagswahlen/General Elections
  2. European Union (enlargement, immigration, diversity of member countries)
  3. Introduction of the EURO 1999
  4. Russian Crisis
  5. German participation in the NATO Peacekeeping Mission
  6. Neo-Nazis
  7. Move from Bonn to Berlin

It was great to meet as many US colleagues as possible in a short time.
Robin Lautenbach, ARD Studio Berlin, Berlin

Most interesting in San Antonio:the speeches of Carl Bernstein and Jane Pauley and the discussions with American journalists.
Christiane Seitz, WDR, Köln