The 1000th program participant, Kate Ryan from WTOP Radio, Washington D.C., was welcomed in Berlin September 2008. The visiting U.S. journalists celebrated this in front of Brandenburg Gate.

The more than a thousand participants of the RIAS Berlin Commission come from all parts of Germany and the United States, creating a diverse and comprehensive German-American network of journalists.

The creation of a transatlantic network of journalists is one of the main objectives of the RIAS Berlin Commission. Therefore all former program participants, so called RIAS Fellows, are very much involved in the present program activities.

There is an annual meeting of Fellows in the United States as well as in Germany dealing with important transatlantic topics. Furthermore many RIAS Fellows are active as hosts for participants for the current programs, providing opportunities for personal exchanges between German and American journalists.

The number of RIAS Fellows has grown to more than 1500 from all parts of Germany and the United States.


Repeat Program for Active RIAS Fellows