Supported Productions 1994

From a number of applications and submissions, the Commission selected a total of four American and four German productions, as well as a German-American coproduction, which received grants in 1994:

  • Marshall Plan for Eastern Europe? (Radio Coproduction VOA-DW-RIAS)
    In interviews with contemporary witnesses the historical facts of the Marshall Plan are presented, and the question is asked whether a similar approach might also help the countries in Eastern Europe in their struggle for economic development.
  • Route l (German Media Service, Washington)
    In several episodes, this television series shows places along Route 1 on the American East Coast where German settlers landed, and describes their history and influence.
  • East German Students in the USA
    A radio production by eastern German Journalist Gislinde Schwarz who visited and interviewed exchange students from the new federal states during their one-year stay in the USA, with their former class enemy.
  • RIAS — A Radio Station in a Divided City
    A documentary by Prof. Herbert Kundler, RIAS program director for many years.
  • From Walls to Riches (Amelan TV GmbH)
    This documentary focuses on the problems and opportunities unleashed by the opening of the Wall. It will demonstrate how some eastern Germans — using new freedoms — shaped their own destiny and created their own businesses.
  • Earning while Learning (Hans-Peter Vogt)
    One-hour television program about practical vocational training in the United States of America and in Germany, the German dual training system and possibilities of transferring it to the USA. For broadcast by ARD and PBS.
  • Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben (Leopold Filmproduktion)
    An American freedom-fighter from Magdeburg. The film reminds us of the diverse and close relationships between Americans and Germans for more than 200 years.
  • Five Years after Unification
    A three half hour radio program by Peter Laufer for the ABC Radio Network perspective series will analyze change since the Wall came down and also attempt to explain what went right and what went wrong, with recommendations for the future.
  • A Time of Peace, a Time of Change
    A five part series by KTVU Channel 2 Oakland, California, about the direct results of the end of the Cold War in Germany, when military bases shut down, military contractors suddenly lose markets for their products and former enemies are asked to see the world in a new light of cooperation and competition.