Supported Productions 1998

In addition to the German-American exchange programs, another important task of the RIAS BERLIN COMMISSION is to support German and American radio and television productions which promote mutual understanding. In 1998 the commission selected a total of five productions to receive grants:

  • Dresden, The Bell Tolls for Thee (Sam Koltinsky Productions)
    A documentary on the efforts to rebuild the Frauenkirche in Dresden.
  • The Woman with the Baton: Sybille Werner — a German-American conductor
    (Reiner Holzemer Film und TV Produktion)
    This film features a woman “between the continents” who is engaged in an extraordinary profession. The camera ob-serves her at rehearsals and concerts, and travelling back and forth between New York and Nuremberg.
  • AFN Radio & TV Berlin: Rocking the Walled City (Amelan TV GmbH)
    This documentary focuses on the American Forces Network Berlin, its military mission and its influence on the civilian population. AFN had introduced Berliners to Rock and Roll, among other forms of music and entertainment. AFN was one of the great-est symbols of the US presence in Berlin from 1945 to 1994.
  • German-American Week (DW-tv, Boulevard Germany)
    A series of documentaries from Los Angeles on German-American relations in the field of media production.
  • The Early Years of the Americans in Nuremberg (Klas Thrun Filmproduktionen)
    This documentary illustrates the last years of the war and the subsequent American occupation of Nuremberg.