Supported Productions 1999

In addition to the German-American exchange programs, another important task of the RIAS BERLIN COMMISSION is to support German and American radio and television productions which promote mutual understanding. In 1999 the commission selected a total of six productions to receive grants:

  • Growing together again (Peter M. Dollé/Amelan TV)
    Berlin’s major challenges reconnecting the east and the west sides of the city.
  • German-American High Schools ­ what did they learn or not learn (Charles Brady)
    Interviews with German and American teachers and students to compare the two school systems.
  • Dr. Goerdeler ­ Grandfather and I (Elsa Rassbach)
    An autobiographical diary film about Elsa Rassbach’s grandfather’s involvement in the resistance.
  • East Germans in America (0341 Mediaproduction GmbH)
    What drew East-Germans to America? And how do they get by in the “freest continent in the world,” those people who grew up in an Orwellian atmosphere?
  • The site of the Nazi Party Rallies of Nuremberg, 1945 (Peter Heigl)
    A documentary using film footage by photographers and camera men of the US Army.
  • Anniversary CD
    50 years RIAS BIG BAND