Supported Productions 1995

In addition to the German-American exchange programs, another important task of the RIAS BERLIN COMMISSION is to support German and American radio and television productions which promote mutual understanding. In 1995 the commission selected a total of ten productions to receive grants:

  • Castles in the Sand — German Investment and Immigration in Florida
    (Cross Atlantic Productions)
    Almost 100,000 German homeowners are registered in the three southern counties of Florida ­ what does this new migratory trend mean for Florida, why do many German immigrants choose Florida?
  • Argyle Street & Adalbertstraße (Thomas Ritchie)
    A cross-cultural documentary on ethnic minorities in Chicago and Berlin.
  • Doing Business the German Way (Alabama Public Television)
    A five-night series of reports on Germany aired on For The Record, Alabama’s only state wide news program, dealing with German-American business comparisons, German unification and the dark sides of German history.
  • Common Ground — Germany and the USA (Bolthead Communications)
    A TV documentary with additional internet access and a CD ROM library on how the two nations work, the similarities and differences and how the relationship might develop in the future.
  • 3.000 miles towards the East: the hardest bicycle race across the USA
    (Kerstin Zilm, DeutschlandRadio, Deutschlandfunk, WDR 5)
  • The Mosaic of Memories: Dialogues about Dachau, Buchenwald and Berlin
    (US Holocaust Memorial Museum)
    Three 90-minute live teleconferences on the power of memories from the Holocaust and post-war period in Germany.
  • Raumschiff Erde — Spaceship Earth (Goethe Institut Washington)
    Satellite Teleconference CRAFTING A FUTURE TO GREEN ROOTS: A discussion on the environment among German and American youth. 3sat, 16. October 1995; US broadcast: PBS Adnet Learning Services.