Summer and Fall

RIAS Germany Program – Summer
June 12–27, 2004

Thirteen American journalists in Germany: Berlin, Brussels, Frankfurt/ Main and Leipzig. Individual extension program for two participants.


Laurie Bley, Sanford Institute, Duke University, Durham, NC

It quickly became apparent that we were in for an intense trip when, directly after signing on, we began to receive the friendly barrage of themed recommended articles, books and films. It is indeed an excellent idea to prepare as much as possible, try to get a grasp of background, a sense of current issues, bone up a little on language skills. Understand, though, that it will in no way be enough. Beginning to work on our stamina early was also a tremendously good idea, but again, thoroughly insufficient, because the trip simply exceeded anything you might imagine, in quantity, in substance, in warmth, in lasting impressions.

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RIAS Germany Program – Fall
September 18 – October 3, 2004

Twelve American journalists in Germany: Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Frankfurt/Oder and Munich. Two days in Brussels. Individual extension program for six participants.


David Akerly, WLNS-TV, Lansing, MI

There was the Germany I expected to experience, and then the Germany I did experience.

No amount of pre-trip reading and research could fully prepare us for the whirlwind tour that awaited us in Berlin, and points beyond. But all of that reading and research was at least a good start.

When people tell you in advance that during the two weeks of the RIAS Exchange program you’ll be packing in the equivalent of a semesters worth of study for many college students, believe it. The itinerary is full, and covered a wide range – from the political, meeting with leaders of the German political parties, and their counterparts in the European Union, to the social, hearing from representatives of the Labor movement and the resurgent Jewish scene in Berlin, and economic, with insider access to some of the important cogs of the German business machine in Bavaria.

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