Summer and Fall

RIAS Germany Program – Summer
June 4–18, 2006

Thirteen American journalists in Germany: Berlin, Rostock, Schwerin and also Brussels


Traci Caldwell, Associated Press TV, Washington, DC

My experience as a RIAS fellow was truly rewarding, educational and inspirational. I arrived in Germany not quite sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised to find a country that is striving to overcome its past and working diligently to face the obstacles that all industrialized nations are confronting in the 21st century. Germany is facing many of the obstacles that we face in the United States such as economic stability, immigration, and social integration of different cultures. I found that Germany isn’t so different from the United States in that we both have similar issues that we’re working to address.

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RIAS Germany Program – Fall
September 16 – October 1, 2006

Twelve American journalists in Germany: Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt/Main and also Brussels. Individual extension program for four participants.


Travis Altman, WTEN-TV, Albany, NY

I said goodbye to my new RIAS friends at the station. On a train from Frankfurt to Munich, I was able to reflect for the first time on my German adventure. What had I learned on this trip? Why had I taken the voyage in the first place? For two weeks, new places, people and concepts had whizzed by at a blinding pace, like the tidy strips of farmland and orderly hamlets blurring by the window of my rail car.

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