Summer and Fall

RIAS Germany Program – Summer
June 9–24, 2007

Thirteen American journalists in Germany: Berlin, Erfurt, Cologne, and also Brussels. Individual extension program for 5 participants.


LaDonna Acker, WTEN-TV, Albany, NY

A Changing Perspective. How Two Weeks in Europe Changed my Way of Seeing the World

Working in the news business it is very easy to fall into a rut. Although the stories change every day, at my station we tend to cover the same types of issues over and over again. Sometimes I find myself writing on autopilot. But now, after my first trip to Europe I feel like I have a broader perspective not just on news, but on life in general. My experiences in Germany and Belgium have made me reflect on the types of news stories we cover and what they mean to the viewers. And on a personal level, seeing another part of the world and a similar, yet different culture has helped me grow as a journalist and as a person.

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RIAS Germany Program – Fall
September 29 – October 14, 2007

Twelve American journalists in Germany: Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt/Main and also Brussels. Individual extension program for two participants.


Cheryl Bacon, KTTV, Los Angeles, CA

My time in Germany as a RIAS Fellow was one of the best experiences I’ve had. The organization, the appointments, and the companionship were excellent. The meetings were intense. Thomas Habicht’s insightful overview of the past two decades provided a framework for what followed. From national issues of security and terrorism to local issues like minority neighborhoods, all the appointments were engaging.

Rainer, Isabell, and Sandra’s hard work and planning made the program a success, but their kindness, generosity, and friendship made it exceptional. My fellow journalists were smart, funny and spirited. Every day was full of learning, discovery, and true fellowship. Though we had free time some of the best moments were the group outings and dinners. Whether it was in a traditional German restaurant or frites and waffles on the streets of Belgium, we ate our way through Europe with dedication and gusto.

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