Awards were given for radio and TV productions which made special contributions to the mutual understanding between the people of Germany and of the United States of America.


1st Radio Award
Heidi-Barbara Kloos, Alfred Marquart


S2 vor Mitternacht: Stars ‘n’ Stripes (S2 Kultur SDR/SWF)

Impressionistic and subjective pictures of the United States — daily on S2 before midnight over a period of two weeks. A diversity of American pictures with German emigrants, American hippies, big band music, Frank Sinatra, the first encounter of a Hitler youth, as well as the present life in New York and Chicago.

2nd Radio Award
Nina P. Keck


German Unification — Five years later (Voice of America, Washington D.C.)

In a very personal report author Nina P. Keck speaks with the Wendlandt family from Berlin-Köpenick about their problems and expectations after unification.

1st Radio Award
Beate Dölling, Eckard Tollkühn, Uta Beth


Panther & Co., Folgen 530/563: Stadtführung Washington und San Francisco (DeutschlandRadio Berlin)

Children present the American cities Washington and San Francisco — a program, which is not only interesting for kids.

1st TV Award
Jürgen Bevers, Bernd Polster, Karin Sarholz


Alltag made in USA — 50 Jahre Amerikanisierung in Deutschland (WDR)

Five decades of American influence pass by in a collage of pictures, sound and interviews: The post war era, Glenn Miller, AFN, Rock ‘n’ Roll, baseball caps, spray cans, McDrive, rap music, daily soap and private TV.

1st TV Award
Hedrick Smith


Challenge to America, Part III: The US- and German Economic System (PBS)

Personal portraits and interviews with apprentices, workers and managers clearly show the economic differences between Germany and the USA — and what we might learn from each other.

Honorable Mention
Rolf-Günther Schulze


Zwischen Himmel und Hinterhof — Streetball in Deutschland (DW-tv)

Hundreds of thousands are playing streetball in Germany — two dozen kids are asked what it means to them: A new lifestyle and just fun for Germans, while the 16-year old Michael dreams of a college scholarship to escape from the ghettos of Chicago.