Awards were given for radio and TV productions which made special contributions to the mutual understanding between the people of Germany and of the United States of America.


1st Radio Award
Udo Zindel, Bert Heinrich


Heißersehntes Amerika (Südwestrundfunk)

To many Germans suffering under the political and economic situation in their native country in the middle of the last century, America seemed the Promised Land. This radio series by SWR describes the fate of German emigrants in America and follows them from New York to the West Coast, quoting from letters they wrote to the relatives they left behind. The series fascinates through the wealth of its materials and the vivid description of living conditions in 19th century America.

1st TV Award
Buhrow, Kellermann, Kleber, Reifenberg


Oh Gott, Amerika! Glaube, Seelen, Scharlatane (ARD-Studio Washington)

Tom Buhrow, Georg Kellermann, Claus Kleber, Sabine Reifenberg

The film is concerned with one special side of religious life in the U.S. — the evangelists, itinerant preachers and members of other fundamentalist religious communities. Here money, belief, charlatanism and fanaticism are closely linked. The program uses various news techniques and natural sound to create a lively and engaging review of some of the fringes of religious life in America.

2nd TV Award
John D’Amelio


Shadow of Fear (Channel One News, Los Angeles)

Produced by Channel One News for distribution to a teenage American audience, this three part program explains in a fresh and straightforward way the historical, political and emotional underpinnings of resurgent nationalism and racism among some Germans today. We commend this production for successfully presenting this well-worn subject to a new audience.

2nd TV Award
Michael Richter


Eine unmögliche Freundschaft (Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk)

Michael Richter’s sensitive telling of a story which began years ago still has a powerful impact. Its painful subject, presented by the children of both the perpetrators and victims of the Holocaust, reopens old wounds but also offers hope for future generations. A powerful emotional story told with sensitivity in a masterful production.

3rd TV Award
Peter Bardehle, Franz Fitzke


50 Jahre Luftbrücke, Teil 2: Der Osten (Deutsche Welle-tv)

This program, unlike many others, is not a western gloat on the success of the airlift. It reveals how the airlift appeared to both official and ordinary East Berliners, and how it was exploited for propaganda purposes. This film presents the point of view of the Soviet propaganda machine, in both Moscow and Berlin, and shows that there are still different opinions about the airlift in Eastern and Western Germany.

Special Award
Jeremy Isaacs Productions


Cold War (for CNN)

This documentary describes, in a competent and captivating way, an era of contemporary history during which German-American relations played a central role. The visual impressions are further enriched by material from archives in the East and West which only recently became accessible. (This entry was not awarded a monetary prize. The jury follows the principle that productions in which members of the jury or their stations are involved receive this special form of recognition.)

Letter of Commendation
DeutschlandRadio and MDR


U.S.-German reporting

The jury awarded a letter of special commendation to DeutschlandRadio and Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk. Both radio stations are com-mitted to exploring German-American relations, and produced a great number of creative radio programs — from critical reports on topical issues to documentaries on contemporary history.